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Poem for April 2021

Struth! What a find! A previously unknown Hobbit poem discovered tucked in an old book at my great-grandmother's in Silverstream, NZ.


by Henery Greenhand


I grew’d a very monst’rous Beet.

Nor other Beet could Beat it.

‘Twas such a very monst’rous treat,

I could not think to eat it.


I sat it on the kitchen sill,

For all the world to spy it;

And all the window it did fill,

But I had no man buy it.


For when I was inclin’d to chat

It paid me pleasant heed,

And contemplating this and that,

With all my thoughts agreed.




What's Afoot ? Top Ten

1. 'The Extasie', my book of 64 love poems, now out. Check out that fab cover. Available to buy at all good bookshops, or order from Amazon and/or

2. Wonderful NEWS! '17 Paper Resurrections (from graveyards in Mid-Wales)' - poem-prints bringing back to life interesting folks memorialized in the area, collected while biking about last year - just accepted for publication by Lazy Adventurer Publishing.

3. Look out for FOUR GRID-PAPER PICTURE-POEMS (Proust, T.E.Lawrence, Basho & Henry Flynt) to be published online from 1st May by the very wonderful Otolith Group (

4. 'The Gnawing Flood', a book of 28 anti-colonial poem-prints now out from brave and exciting Cerasus Publishing. Order @ The Gnawing Flood: Gallas, John: 9798592286063: Books

5. John Rylands Library Manchester Online Exhibition : the creative process of a John Gallas poem, 'Somewhere down Hurdletree Gate' - visit @

6. Out from Carcanet Classics 2022, my and bro's translation of Petrus Borel's 'Rhapsodies (1868) : see also

7. The tanka collection, 'Here They Come! 200 Tankas Delivering Goodness Straight to your Doorstep' is to be published by New Walk Editions (Leicester University) in Winter this year.

8. Work in progress 1 : a bloody good long rummage in great-grandma's library for some more Hobbit poems!

9. 'The Long Poem Magazine' has published my and bro's translation of Jean Genet's 11-page poem 'Fisherman : Le Suquet' in Issue 24, available now.

10. Completed : a set of online workshops called 'Write Like a Saxon' for the Sutton Hoo Saxonship Project ( JOIN IN! and meanwhile sponsor a rivet at the website address! This wonderful project is also about to exhibit a CGI film of the ship in action accompanied by me! reading my Saxonship Poem no.10, 'On the Water'.


Complete Book List - we have reached 25 !

Practical Anarchy (Carcanet)

Flying Carpets Over Filbert Street (Carcanet)

Grrrrr (Carcanet)

Resistance is Futile (Carcanet)

The Ballad of Robin Hood and the Deer (Agraphia Press), pictures by Clifford Harper

The Ballad of Santo Caserio (Agraphia Press), pictures by Clifford Harper

The Song Atlas (Carcanet)

Star City (Carcanet)

The Book with Twelve Tales (Carcanet)

Fucking Poets (3 vols) (Cold Hub Press NZ)

40 Lies (Carcanet) pictures by Sarah Kirby

Fresh Air & The Story of Molecule (Carcanet)

52 Euros (Carcanet)

Pacifictions (Cold Hub Press NZ)

The Alphabet of Ugly Animals (Magpie Press)

Mad John's Walk (Five Leaves : Occasional Pamphlets) January 2017

The Little Sublime Comedy (Carcanet) 2018

17 Very Pacific Poems (Indigo Dreams) 2019

The Gnawing Flood (Cerasus Publishing) 2021 - out now, see above No.1.

The Extasie (Carcanet) - due out April 2021 - see above.

*Petrus Borel 'Rhapsodies', translated from the French by John & Kurt Gallas (Carcanet Classics) - due out 2022

*Here They Come ! 200 Tankas Delivering Goodness Straight to your Doorstep !' (New Walk Editions) - autumn/winter 2021

*17 Paper Resurrections - due from Lazy Adventurer Publishing later this year



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